View Full Version : Sorba Membership Renewals

02-21-2007, 02:29 PM
Hey guys - I recieved a copy of the membership roster from Sorba Main yesterday and we are up to over 60 members! Thanks so much for all of you who have joined recently. As the weather improves, we are poised to hit the ground running.

There are on the list about 18 people whose membership has expired. Some on the list have moved out of state, such as Maurice Austin and family, so I understand we probably won't be getting a re-up from them, but for those of you who have not renewed, we encourage you to go ahead and make that happen. I understand that fees can be tough to budget for, so we hope you will think of Sorba when you are in a financial position to join. Memberships start at only $30!

If you are not a member and have been on the fence about joining, please take the plunge! Sorba is going to be a vehicle that will improve MTBing in Middle Tennessee and the calendar is getting full very fast!

If you are considering entering the Dirt Sweat and Gears race in April, there will be a DISCOUNT for Sorba Members! So join up and get the discount . To join, visit:


Any questions on why you should join, please refer to forum post here:


Any questions or need help joining, please email me at orastreet@yahoo.com or call me at 275-6363

Thanks and God Bless,

Tim Spencer
Vice President
Sorba Middle Tennessee