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Thread: DSG Trail Work W/E - Time to Make it Happen

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    DSG Trail Work W/E - Time to Make it Happen

    Come work and ride DSG/Cottonmill Preserve this weekend, April 10th-11th. (check below for details) For those of you racing Dirt Sweat & Gears AssBackwards 2010 May 15th or even the Crude XC race on April 18th, you gotta come get a leg up on your competition. You will embrace the trail like and get a glimpse of the “new stuff”. If you’re not racing, you will have a great time learning more about trail maintenance and get a chance to take some laps at this piece of MTB Heaven in Fayetteville, TN.

    Saturday and Sunday Afternoon rides, but only for the VIP's that volunteer for trail work!
    Don’t miss out…..cuz we need your help to get the trail ready as we prep for this year’s IMBA-SORBA fund raising at DSG.

    Opportunities to do more….
    Join Team IMBA- DSG and raise money for our trails….and….
    Chance to Win a Moots Hand Made Titanium mountain bike frame while contributing to our trail mission!

    When: Saturday 9am-3pm & Sunday 10am-2pm
    Where: Cotton Mill Preservce, Fayetteville, TN
    What: Volunteer Trail Work & Group Rides
    We will provide Lunch both days and offer camping on site Saturday night near the barn. Rumer has the legendary post work/ride social on Saturday night will delight.

    Let us know if you plan to attend!

    Click here for map link

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    We'll be there Saturday morning to work and ride, party, camp, then probably head home Sun. Unless we just can't help but work more on the trail Sun!! lol
    Reed Lilley
    "Dead last is greater than did not finish, which trumps did not start."

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    Well, since someone who I shall not name (rhymes with Seedly) has convinced me to try DSG as my 1st ever MTB race, I'd like to come down and help out and get familiar with the trail. But, unfortunately, I can't make it Saturday. If I come down Sunday morning will anyone be up for riding after the work is done and before heading home? (And yes, I will probably also be little hungover, so no excuses BikerGirl!)

    2013 Trek Domane 4.5 (my 1st road bike since '82)
    2011 Niner Jet 9 (the upgrade)
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    We're planning on coming down from Frankllin tomorrow morning to work and ride. Is there a meeting place or just find everyone in the parking lot?

    Google Maps shows the link as 240 Shelbyville Hwy
    Fayetteville, TN 37334

    Is that the actual address if I wanted to enter it into my GPS?

    Chris and Alek

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    That should get you there. You'll see a wooden sign for Cotton Mill Preserve. Tough to miss it.


    This should be a good chance to ride the trails and move some dirt as we get geared up for the big event. The trial is shaping up nicely, and I guarantee you'll love some of the new stuff we've added. It flows very well and almost makes you forget the hills by the end of the lap.

    Thanks in advance for all who make the trip!

    Don't forget that we're throwing this party to raise some money for Sorba. We hit a bit over $3,500 last year and we'd like to at least double that this go round.

    Grant, Clay, Willy, Merle

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    Good to meet the gang on Saturday. The trail is sick...a real butt-kicker. It's like that old Bill Cosby skit about walking to school in the snow as a kid..."uphill, both ways". I can only imagine how good (or tired of) climbing rock gardens you would get during the DSG.

    Special thanks to Reed and Amy for letting me ride tail-end Charlie. They took the uber-scenic route and I swore we saw a sign for Knoxville along the way

    Looking forward to the race Sunday and maybe even the DSG...maybe.

    Chris and Alek
    2009 Trek EX 9.8 Barcalounger
    2012 Focus Variado roadie

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    Agree, great weekend. Thanks to everyone who come out and helped. And Thanks to Clay, Hunter and Buddy for being such good host. I really love Cotton Mill farm... AKA Clayeville.

    I feel like we got a lot done. The trail is ready for Crude XC. .... Just my opinion. And I'm not trying to scare anyone. But that is a very hard and burtal lap bassackwards. Those XC guys are going to be hurting for certin next weeked.

    Looking forward to racing on the course bassackwards.
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    We had a great weekend working and riding! The Crude XC course will be extremely hard for those who have never been out to Fayetteville and the course for DSG is just plain crazy! Hills galore!! I can't wait!

    Chris and Alek, it was great meeting you and thanks riding with us. I hope you enjoyed our trip to Knoxville with the scenic views. Lol. See you Sunday!

    A big thanks to Clay for making it a great weekend and having a great course for us to ride!
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