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Thread: Check your nuts ...

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    Check your nuts ...

    ... and bolts!

    In the past two weeks, I have seen several loose nuts and bolts on 3 different bikes. Two were the rear shock bolt on my Santa Cruz Superlight and on Mallize's Heckler.

    And one was on a Fuel EX8's rear derailleur. The EX actually broke the quick link on the chain and may have been caused by the derailleur moving out of parallel. Luckily he did not need a new derailleur after this. If it had come off, it could have wrecked several expensive parts or possibly caused a wipe-out.

    And last year, I had a Scout's Haro's front derailleur move around and luckily it did not brake anything. On that ride, we found about 4 loose bolts/nuts. After the failure, I went around and checked a bunch. These were on good bikes, Trek, Haro, Scott, etc...

    So, before you ride today, check those nuts and bolts. Post up if you found any loose ones. I think it's more common than not.

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    sure is, few weeks back buddy and i out at lock 4 and dicovered that all the nuts holding front disc on were loose and that his headset was installed poorly, it had 1/4 inch play in it after having new fork installed.. nothing bad happend but had screw loose
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    Mine are tight...just unused.


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    True. I had two loose small ring crank bolts (probably not the correct terminology) and one was missing!! Apparently it's been a while since I checked the bike. Not that that will surprise anyone. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reedly View Post
    True. I had two loose small ring crank bolts (probably not the correct terminology) and one was missing!! Apparently it's been a while since I checked the bike. Not that that will surprise anyone. :-)
    I've seen several nuts & bolts fall off your bike over the years... never bothered to say anything because I figured after a while... I'd finally have an edge against you... plus extra stuff for my bike.

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