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Thread: Ride round Joelton

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    Ride round Joelton

    Started off today for a two hour ride. Made it home after three!! Took some nature pics along the way. For my money, middle TN has some of the best scenery.

    First stop to see where I wanted to go. Im about 10 miles in and the red outlines the majority of the route. There were a few more miles on the next page.

    Marrowbone Rd, best known for its creek crossing and "White Beard's" place

    This momma and her baby were very interested. Sorry Thad, no calf frolicking was seen...

    Fussy Rd...was actually a very nice stretch with few cars

    Im sure the Moots would have been happy to climb, but thankfully I was headed down this switchback

    Looking down the same hill

    Hopefully more rides like this will have me racing for the podium again soon instead of finishing DFL like I did Sunday!!
    You gotta question?? Ask the 8 ball!!

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    Glad to see you out enjoying the neighborhood. Some day, maybe I will do the same! :cyclist:


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