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Thread: Props to Cory Codered Kruze

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    Props to Cory (CodeRed) Kruze

    I know all of you that know Cory, this will be no surprise, but for those of you how do not know Cory, I just wanted to give him a huge shout out and to remind/tell everyone that he is good people. My house and shed were in desperate need of new roofs and I recently found out that Cory had a roofing business. We talked back and forth about it, he helped me deal with the Insurance Co. on my claim, he went out of his way on several occasions, including coming to my house on a Sat afternoon to inspect the roof and give me an estimate, he spent some time with my 5 yr old how is normally shy, but opened up to Cory, he was patient on my end, so I could get me ducks in a row and covered materials that the Insurance Co. would not, his crew did all of the work in one day (just in time for the huge rain storm we just had), and came back the next day to make sure some shingles laid down on their own and to paint the vent stacks. Sorry for the rambling, but all in all Cory was very professional, gave me a great deal, and did a fantastic job. If anyone here needs any roofing done, give Cory a call.
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