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Thread: We need a home...

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    We need a home...

    A few months ago, Mark Cleveland and Swiftwick were kind enough to donate building space to us for storage and book sorting. We are greatly thankful for the opportunity to use the space! However, a client has recently put down a lease on the building which is leaving us without a home.

    If you or anyone that you know have additional space that we can occupy please contact me ASAP. We are looking for a year commitment on the space and hopefully within that time we will be able to pay rent. However, we run the organization on a very limited budget and the space is going to have to be a in kind donation.

    This also leads me to ask for help with the transition. We plan on moving the books into a large storage area and we are in need of help to make this move quick and smooth. If you are interested in helping please let me know. We plan on trying to move on evening next week (probably Wednesday).

    Thank you all for your continual support!

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    Man, that sucks. I should be able to help. Do you need just bodies or vehicles also? I might be able to get my wife's van.

    Matt, also need to get my shirt and socks from you.
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