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Thread: OK, Strange Medical Type Question

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    OK, Strange Medical Type Question

    Today I was diagnosed with Pigment Dispersion Syndrome. Basically, small parts of my iris fall off and clog the drainage are of my eye raising the pressure of my eyes. This causes blurry vision and sensitivity to light. If left untreated, this can develop into Pigmentary Glaucoma. Rest assured that I will be getting treatment, I like to see.

    From what I gather, this is a pretty rare disease. Some places on the internet say that I need to avoid and jarring of bouncing exercise. Other websites say nothing of the sort, and don't even mention that exercise could be a contributing factor. My eye doctor knows that I mountain bike and has said nothing about stopping, but he may not know all that it entails. The symtoms do not always crop up after riding. Infact, this past Saturday was the first day that it has happened all season. It happened once or twice last year after mountain biking. It has also cropped up on other occasions to random to remember.

    My question, is anyone here suffering from the same condition or know someone that is??? Do they still mountain bike???
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    My response to most issues, problems, or questions is "go ride your bike". In this case, definitely take a qualified professional's advice and not mine. Does full suspension help your cause? That minimizes jarring : )

    Good luck with your treatment and hope it goes as best it can!
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