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Thread: DSG Race Reports.....

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    You should have been there.
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    What happens at DSG, happens at DSG.

    Great time. Many stories. Loved getting to hang out with so many great people, friends, racers, and dogs. If only it lasted a week.

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    I had a blast as well. Not one of my more proud moments except for my friday night tricycle crash! I'd been suffering from a lack of sleep for the last few days leading up to dsg and the Friday evening shinanigans was the clencher. I was pretty much done before the race even started. Broke a spoke nipple on lap 2. On lap 3 I got caught up in the mud just before the second tough climb(the cool one with the awesome new switchbacks) and decided to bail for a while. I cut out to my pit with every intention of going back later to finish. The beer was looking tasty. The longer I waited the less I wanted to ride. So I quit racing and started hanging out. I ended up having a blast anyway and even got to lend a hand to a few weary racers!

    This years DSG was the most fun yet! I'm already looking forward to next year. Whether you do 10 laps or 2 this race is the bees knees!

    Great job to all of the racers! Some really tough folks out there cranked out lap after lap. Thad in particular went out for a lap when he should have been sitting in the ambulance with an iv in his arm and still cranked out a fantastic lap. Matt and Becky really pushed each other hard too. Scotty was back to good form and riding like the Monster he is again. KRS even made an appearance! Too many to list so i'll stop there.

    Great job to the promoters! You made handling the course change look easy! And thanks for all the beer. I got my money's worth, and then some, in beer alone and never even won a prize, the swag bag was just icing on the cake.

    If you're riding the fence next year consider this....For $100 I drank pint after pint of yazoo, Hamcreek brew(which I donated some cash too later), oscar blues? for 2 days. Got fed one free diner and one free breakfast, got to ride my bike as much as I wanted on super buff super fun single track. Demo a Moots! Hang out with cool people for 2 days. Got 10 dollars to spend at vendor tents, one t-shirt, one pint glass, 2 chapsticks and some other stuff that I already forgot about. Not to mention that it was all for several good causes! Puts many other races to shame! Wow!


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    My 1st DSG

    I'll try to keep this as short as possible... I could actually write a memoir about the weekend as a whole, but I'll save everyone from the anguish so I'll just highlight:

    1. Making some excellent new friends and caught up with some most excellent old ones.
    2. I can't say THANK YOU enough to everyone at MOAB for letting me beg/borrow/steal tools & parts. Thank you again Mark & Xavier!
    3. The Good: Setting up the SORBA/IMBA tent next to the Yazoo tent; The Bad: Being next to the Yazoo tent and having access to tools; The Ugly: finally realizing that you've had too much to drink when you try to thread a pedal on a crank arm, from the inside...
    4. Figuring out what I need to bring for next year and what I need to leave at home.
    5. Hamilton Creek Brewery - Crystal Amber & **** Cheney
    6. Witnessing that even a terrible day of MTB - whether it be a mangled face, a broken collar bone or even impalement - to those it happened to, to them it was still a good day.
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    8. Having the right parts & pieces when it was needed.
    9. Not missing too many creature comforts from home, but still missed having my wife there with me. Maybe next year - cuz I'm gonna race!
    10. Clay & Grant - you guys made it look way too easy but we all know that it is not.
    11. The very nice people of Fayetteville.
    12. Schwag - for a label whore, such as myself.
    13. Watching totally faced chicks bob for apples. It's gotta be on Youtube somewhere.....
    14. Getting to meet some of the pros before, during and after - and figuring out which ones have fun at this and which ones take it way too seriously....
    15. A hot shower.
    16. Not forgetting to bring t.p.
    17. Scratch-offs and that there was always a prize in the glass.
    18. Bringing the rain gear.
    19. Being less than 2 hours from home.
    20. All these people: Darryl, Scott & Livy, Joey, Jason, John, Joey & Billy - Jo Jo's, Wade, Ron, Chris, Mike, Amy, Reed, Chris, Tim, Jose, Maggie, John, Jeff, Martin, Rachel, Steve, Nace, Matthew, Mark - Swiftwick, Ryan, Dejay, 7 Hill and anyone else who allowed me to ramble on but still looked interested at what I had to say.

    This was DSG for me....
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    The **** Cheney was quite possibly my favorite beer of all time! Mad prop to ham creek brew for that! The others were fantastic as well this one was just right up my alley!


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    Thanks to All who Attended DSG 2010!

    Just a quick thanks to all who made year four a good time. We can't tell you how much we appreciate you joining our party. As you might have guessed, this thing is truly a labor of love for us Squirrels and the payback is seeing the faces and hearing the stories from all that attended the weekend.

    We plugged away on Sunday, and the Cotton Mill is nearly back to pre-race mode, but we're already making plans for 2011.

    Thanks again to all Sponsors, Racers, Supporters of racers, Vendors, and Locals. A special Thanks to Wam Sports Bill and Carrie for helping us make a mid race course change darn near flawless. These folks are true pros!

    Grant, Clay, Willie, and Mabel!

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    1st DSG so lots to take in. Was my 1st 12-hour team race so I had just as much fun hanging out in the pits as racing on course. I’ll keep it brief too as I could write a small book on the DSG weekend.

    Arrived Friday night and set-up next to my team-mates (Reed, Amy, Kristi, John, and Lance). Greatest group of folks. Definitely “here for the beer”! Met some new folks too…Poppy, Chris, Doug, Jose, Raweena (?) and teammate, Scott (?)- wrecked leg and all, and many more. Very festive atmosphere, lots of great brew flowing.

    I was 2nd in the cue and fate would have it rain ½ way on my lap. I made it to the second intersection of the trail and the bail-out when the heavens opened. The next 45 minutes were spent pushing the bike or mad drifting like a 16 year old in a Civic. Pucker factor was pretty high until I made it to the top and then just put it in cruise control as I was pretty well blown out by then. I was toast after a full lap in that muck. The rest of the gang went out until dark with Reed pulling the clean-up spot and rode a sub- 1 hour lap….and didn’t puke afterwards either! We held 2nd spot as a team all day (ok, there were only 2 teams in our class) and came home without any serious trail rash.

    Can’t wait til next year’s event only next time I’m renting a camper. Rain + leaky tent + Yazoo makes for a long night.

    Thanks to Clay, Grant, promoters, teamies, family for a memorable weekend
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    I had a blast and 2nd/3rd/4th all the thanks to all that organized and put on the event. Was great to see everyone, meet some new people and get out on my bike again. Got a great sense of accomplishment by doubling my mileage for the year in one day (one standard & one short lap), but am SORE everywhere today. It's a great sore though..

    Quote Originally Posted by meanjoe View Post
    The **** Cheney was quite possibly my favorite beer of all time! Mad prop to ham creek brew for that!

    That stuff was fantastic! My fav of the bunch.

    All in all, great fun, folks & brews. Definitely the most fun bike race environment of the year to me. Might just have to start doing this biking thing a little more often (after a couple of weeks).

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    This was my first DSG and man did I have a blast! The whole environment was just amazing! The book delivery went great! So many kids were stoked to get books and watch us come in on the bikes. It was just a great way to start the weekend off right... books for kids that need them! After the book delivery we got down to what we were here for... THE BEER! I think the team had a little TOO much Friday night! When the Yazoo, New Belgium, and Hamilton Creek Brew is flowing freely we just couldn't help ourselves. I mean who could!

    The race went great. I was the first on the team to race the shortened course... and let me tell you.. hike a bike sucks! But that's ok.. I helped make the trail better for everyone else. For those that did the 12-hour solo, you guys and gals are beasts!!! Great job!

    All in all the weekend was great... even with the whole 5 minutes of rain we had on Saturday. I guess winning a new Homegrown Bike just kinda sealed the deal! Next year I'll definitely be back!

    Thanks to everyone who made this event possible, vendors, Clay, Grant, trail workers, everyone! It couldn't have ran smoother.
    "Often, the enjoyment is the training before and the memory after." -- Doug Kurtis


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    Just wanted to add that I had a blast. This was my 4th DSG. Big thanks to Clay, Grant, vendors, Yazoo, Ham Creek, friends, family, and everyone who made this weekend a blast!

    Started the weekend by partaking in the RFR ride. Great experience! Only confirmed what I already knew, that RFR is a great cause and Matt (and Melissa) are doing a great job with RFR. The ride was a blast. Though Kevin the Freak's 1 mile is really more like 3-5 miles on the standard scale : )

    Friday afternoon and evening were awesome. Bikes, friends, and beverages. The friday night time trial was a blast. How about one of the sponsors take the first turn next year. Adam took one for the team going first. Glad there were hay bales to catch him.

    Onto Saturday, even after the Cohutta debacle, decided to go at it solo and see what would happen. I knew the fitness wasn't there like year's past, so I took off at a decent pace hedging between lasting all day and having a few good laps, then calling it early. The first two laps went fairly well. Rode with Peter Keller from Misfit Cycles some on the first three laps. That was awesome. That guy has a lot to say. He had me laughing, taught me a some about the biking industry .... time flew.

    The 3rd lap took a lot out of my dragging the bike through the mud. This went into the 4th lap. However, much to my surprise, I still had some energy to keep going. My pit crew easily was the best crew of the day. They did an amazing job and got more out of me than I ever imagined. I ended up getting another 4 laps in on the day. Thanks to Jeff Scott of the choc chip cookies at the finish. I have not been this tired in a while. Spent the next couple days eating a gallon of ice cream, 1 chocolate cake, batch of brownies...

    Big congrats to the all who participated. Great to see Thad and Molly on the podium. Awesome job Becky Kicklighter. She is rocking it this year! Cannot wait until next year!
    blue skies,

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    I posted a race report on my blog:

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