This was my first ever MTB event and I have to say it was a BLAST!

I do have a question though. I have not done very much riding in the mud, as it is frowned on because of trail destruction.

I am currently using Kenda Nevgal 2.1's and have been having great luck with them, until the mud this weekend. They packed full to the point that I did not make it to the climb on the 3rd lap after the rain. Bike would not roll. (looked like pics of last year) I cleared, cleared again, and again etc... until I gave up and turned around and slid the bike back to the pits. ARGHHHH

I noticed people passing me having no problem with packing as I headed back to the truck to wait for the trail to dry.

There has to be some magic in tire choice (-:
Anyone care to share their trade secret?

Thanks to everyone involved for a GREAT race. I will be back next year!

Thanks in advance,