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Thread: First DSG - Had a BLAST! - tire question???

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    First DSG - Had a BLAST! - tire question???

    This was my first ever MTB event and I have to say it was a BLAST!

    I do have a question though. I have not done very much riding in the mud, as it is frowned on because of trail destruction.

    I am currently using Kenda Nevgal 2.1's and have been having great luck with them, until the mud this weekend. They packed full to the point that I did not make it to the climb on the 3rd lap after the rain. Bike would not roll. (looked like pics of last year) I cleared, cleared again, and again etc... until I gave up and turned around and slid the bike back to the pits. ARGHHHH

    I noticed people passing me having no problem with packing as I headed back to the truck to wait for the trail to dry.

    There has to be some magic in tire choice (-:
    Anyone care to share their trade secret?

    Thanks to everyone involved for a GREAT race. I will be back next year!

    Thanks in advance,


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    A skinny tire with widely spaced tall knobs work better in the mud however they're generally not good riding tires in other conditions. You might have even seen some cross tires as a lot of 29er guys had an extra wheelset with cross tires mounted to avoid mud clearance issues.


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    Thanks for the info.

    Would something like the Medusa 1.8 work?
    I was thinking of a spare set of wheels loaded with these for the "mud laps". Anyone have any experience with these, or can suggest others known to work with the DSG dirt/mud (-:


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    Very little works in the mud/clay at DSG. It is like no other mud I've ever seen. If i were to buy a tire specific for it I'd get the cheapest, narrowest, knobby tire I could find. I've yet to find a need for a tire like this elseware.

    Also take frame design into consideration. Some bike frames have more tire clearance. In general rigid forks offer more clearance than suspension forks.
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