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Thread: AEDC questions

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    AEDC questions

    I rode AEDC for the first time the other day, and i have a couple questions about the trail.

    1) How long is the trail?

    2) I rode it starting from 1 - the end. Is there a preferred way to run the course?

    It's a good trail. I wish it were closer to Nashville.

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    The trail is around 14 miles and you can ride any direction you want. I rode this morning and did my 2X4 route where I cross over twice at four different places. It is a fun trail, a good one for beginners and experts can test themselves time wise. If you ever come across Bud out there thank him for building the trail and maintaining it.

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    i really prefer going "backwards" but once you get a feel for the place-it's real easy to make up your own loops. just don't get way out there and find that your map is all soaked and shredded.

    i'll be back when they get 24 flowing proper. it'll be second outing with new ride and first time down there this year--highly unusual.
    All days are good, some are even better. -Hank (cyclist)

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    Wade I24 is clear, get out there and ride!!!

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