Hi all,

Please post up any up-to-date GPS trace files of our local mountain bike trails. I'm turning them into "trail-specific" Google Maps. I "think" I can work with about anything. Attach it to this thread or send me a PM.

Check out the new Tennessee Mountain Bike Trails thread for details.

I usually only visit AEDC, Lock 4, and Hammy, so I need help with the other locations. Plus, I don't have a really nice GPS. The iPhone works OK, but there are less data points to work with.

I know one of the things that holds me back from going to a new trail by myself is not having a good trail map. With everyone's help, we can have an accurate Google Map of every trail.

That Google Map can be exported to an iPhone or GPS and followed while riding the trail. There are many commercial sites doing this for popular hiking trails, i.e. EveryTrail.com.

There are many more possibilities than this and I'm not sure how this will morph over time, but I'm excited to get all of the local trail information easily into the hands of someone who wants to ride.