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Thread: Rudy Project or Jawbones

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    Rudy Project or Jawbones

    OK.. I need to get some new Cycle Specific Glasses and wanted to hear opinions of either Rudy Project (Rydon's) or Oakley Jawbones..

    Yes I know go ahead and flame me, but at the end of the day I need better coverage, I have developed "calluses" on my eyes - we have narrowed it down to wind and that beckons on the bike...

    Lets hear it..


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    No thoughts on the others (other than 'ouch' on the wallet w/the Oakleys), but I've been using a pair of these (but they don't have the ones I have anymore.. Blink is closest) and they make a great product w/fantastic lenses (have four different pair). Had a problem w/one pair (frame finish coming off) and they warrantied them out for free, on the spot. Pretty good fit on my big noggin too.

    With the foam liner thingy in there, they're great for either dusty or cold riding (if your eyes water a lot, like mine).

    I love them, but YMMV... don't know where you'd find a pair to try on either.

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    I found the Jawbone frame blocked too much of my vision when checking over my shoulder for cars. I've talked to other people who use them and they don't have that complaint so it may just be an issue of how they fit my face. If you like the Jawbones, you may want to check out the Split Jackets as well. I ended up with the Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ and I love them, although I wish they came with a full set of lenses like the jawbones. The new hydrophobic coating (or whatever they call it) on the Oakleys works exceptionally well and that was my main motivation for picking Oakleys over other brands. Oakley is also really good about replacing damaged or broken frames without too much cost if you tend to break things (like I do).

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    Personally, I have always been a fan of Rudy Projects. However, I have never tried jawbones.

    If you decide on the Rudy's, pm me and I will give you a killer discount code for use on the Rudy Project site. It's 30 or 40 percent off. Anyone else that wants to get hooked up, feel free to pm me too.

    BTW, I have Rydon sx's and love them.

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