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Thread: DSG is Paused for 2011.

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    DSG is Paused for 2011.

    Well folks, guess we have some ‘splainin’ to do…

    Fact is that the Squirrels and Merle are not in a position to execute DSG this year. We’re disappointed to find ourselves in this position, but circumstances as they sit today won’t allow us to put on the type of race that we have prided ourselves in hosting for the past four years. Life circumstances simply won this round.

    We are not happy to have to announce this and are regretful for the timing here, but we have decided to put the event on pause for 2011. Please take that as it is written. Pause means pause:
    v. paused, paus·ing, paus·es

    1. To cease or suspend an action temporarily.

    We fully expect to get the band back together for a fantastic return in 2012. We’ll work hard to communicate with the folks that have made this such a fantastic event in year’s past. This includes our fantastic sponsors and the great folks that have truly made DSG a special event. The Squirrels want to thank everyone for your patience here and we’ll be returning any already paid registrations in the next week.

    Thanks for your support, and please pardon the interruption.

    The Squirrels…Clay, Grant, Mark, Jeff, Doug, and Merle

    P.S. While DSG is paused, Crude XC will be on for 2011, so folks do have a chance to race and ride the trails at Cotton Mill Preserve and enjoy a weekend with Merle and Mabel. Details here:
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    I completely understand, but this feels like a kick in the junk. DSG will be missed by the Kicklighter clan. Looking forward to 2012 and if I can help let me know.

    mid pack fodder at best

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