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Thread: New trail at Thompson's Station Park

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    New trail at Thompson's Station Park

    I recently heard of a new hike/mountain bike trail in Thompson Station. The trail is named Alexander Trail and was just opened on August 15th. There are two entrances to the trail. The primary entrance is located at Thompson Station Park and the alternate entrance is in Heritage park, (Spring Hill) between baseball field 2 and 3. I only got a chance to take a look at the entrance at Heritage, but haven't had the time to ride it. I think it's a pretty small trail, but it looks great. More info can be found by going to their webpage: . If anyone has checked out the trail, let me know how it is.

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    when it says there are 2 trailheads, does that mean it isn't a loop?

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    From the press release:

    "This natural surface trail connects two parks; Heritage Park and Thompson’s Station Park. It stretches a little over 3.5 miles in length, meandering through large oak trees and over a beautiful ridge that overlooks Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station."

    Looks like its not a loop.

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    I just got back from riding the trail. I took a picture of the trail map at the kiosk. There are two trails. The first goes from Thompson's Station park to Spring Hill's Heritage Park. It is 1.1 miles long, about six feet wide, and mostly bare dirt. The other trail is a loop that starts and ends at Heritage Park. It's 1.8 miles long. I rode the Thompson's Station trail.

    The trail is very loose dirt and it's steep to the point that I couldn't keep any traction in several places. Whoever built the trail made it so there are very few switchbacks. So basically you climb the hill and coast down the other side if you can keep yourself from careening off. On the Spring Hill side of the trail, several small stumps were left sticking up. They are painted orange along with many baby head sized stones. Why they didn't remove these hazards is beyond me. All in all, I don't consider the trail a good beginner trail. In fact. I'd only encourage experienced college kids that heal fast to use the trail. Seriously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawse View Post
    All in all, I don't consider the trail a good beginner trail. In fact. I'd only encourage experienced college kids that heal fast to use the trail. Seriously.
    Tried it out yesterday evening too and concur 100%! Sadly, it will be the first and last time for me. Living in Franklin, I was hoping for a closer trail to hit before dinner and not get home too late. But this ain't it. Lots of people walking and enjoying it, though.
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    I met with leader of Outdoor Encounter and walked the property maybe 6 months ago. I suggested this route, but had a few more switchbacks and some more moderate slopes. I drew up a proposed map for them. I was covered up with other responsibilities, and they were talking about raising money to hire a trail building company. I had no idea that they had moved forward with this. Sorry to hear that whoever built it, did such a poor job. Maybe they are just part way through building.

    Also, all the stuff on the right hand side of the map is in scrub trees, maybe 10-15 yrs old, in a briar thicket. They were talking about getting a brush cutter machine to cut the corridor. That may be the reason for the stobs. the stuff on the left (side of map) is some larger trees, but steep slope. There are some nice trees on the Thompson Station side of the hill.
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