Hello! We will be driving through TN in March from MN. We did the same last year with some awesome stops in TN! We are bringing our mountain bikes with this year hoping to break up the road trip with some trails. My wife and 7 year old son will be with me.

Last summer my son did really well on trails. He has a 6 speed Trek with dual hand brakes. He does really well with roots, smaller rocks and rolling hills. He is proud of the his earning his red tires at Cuyuna if you are familiar with those amazing trails in Ironton/Crosby, MN. He is actually planning on a few races in an 8 and under division this year.

Any suggestions for trails in the Nashville area? On a quick glance Chickasaw Trace caught my attention. We will be driving down from Mammoth Caves in Kentucky to Navarre Beach in Florida. So really any suggestions along that line would be awesome!