The HCG diet plan, when used correctly, can reduce blood glucose levels in a matter of days. As the diet progresses, glucose levels continue to decline until they eventually return to normal levels in the body: this can happen over the course of several weeks. If you are pre-diabetic, you will absolutely benefit from the HCG diet program as well. Going to the gym, starting to exercise are both a Opti Farms Keto couple of things that you will want to do if you want to lose weight. They are however not the only things that you can do to help speed up the weight loss. In this article, I will explain how a liver cleanse can help you meet your weight loss. Many people do not think of the liver when they think about losing weight. The liver however is a very important organ when it comes to weight loss; it is not only a detoxification organ. With a liver cleanse your body's liver will be able to burn fat at a more optimized level because it will not be solely trying to rid the body poisons.