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Thread: Product review for the 2014 Lapierre XR529EI

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    Product review for the 2014 Lapierre XR529EI

    I test rode the 48cm XR529EI tonight for the second time. I have been looking for reviews of this bike online, but have only found remarks by people who haven't ridden it. They talk about how it looks and about the specs, but cannot write anything knowledgeable about the ride. My first ride was at Enterprise South Nature Park in Chattanooga, TN last Saturday. I rode tonight at White Oak Mountain behind Southern University of Seventh-day Adventists in Collegedale, TN.

    The bike is a bone stock demo bike from Scott's Bikes in Cleveland, TN. I am 5'9" and weigh 235lb. I am not typically a fast rider, but I do ride nice bikes. My current ride is a 2013 Trek Rumblefish Elite, but I have been riding my brother's Trek Superfly 100 SL Elite for the last two months. I typically average between 7 and 8 mph average on my trail rides.

    For each of these demo rides, I ran 34lb in the front tire and 36lb in the rear. I put 150lb in the front shock and 240lb in the rear. I set the EI computer on Auto 1. At Enterprise South, I rode 10.54 miles and averaged 10.1 mph. I stopped once to kill a copperhead. My overall impression of the bike was that I was very impressed. It climbs better than anything I have ever ridden, and eats up bumps and dips beautifully. It was extremely easy to pick lines in sweeping corners and was thrilling to climb in switchbacks (there is a tough switchback on Log Rhythm at ESNP that was completely crushed by this bike!). The EI locks out the rear shock when you are pedaling and the fork isn't active. While pedaling smooth trails, the rear shock is locked out. While pedaling, when it senses the fork is active, it computes your speed (and when you will hit the obstacles with your rear tire) and pops the rear shock open to eat up the obstacles and then locks out again to provide you with an absolutely efficient pedaling platform. This system works flawlessly. It is seamless.

    I duplicated the setup tonight and averaged 9.9mph over 11.41 miles at White Oak Mountain. I rode Green, Blue & Red (Mid Ridge) to six shooter, down to five point, over to Barred Owl and then back down to the parking lot. Again, the bike performed seamlessly. It climbs like a hardtail (in it's efficiency), but eats up rocks and roots every bit as well as a Trek Superfly 100 SL.

    I love this bike! I am actually waiting until November/December to test ride the Lapierre Zesty with the EI. It has a bit more suspension (a benefit for my old fat body), but I anticipate it being every bit as efficient with the EI. If you like Trek's Superfly 100 SL, then you will love the Lapierre XR529EI! They handle very similarly, but this EI thing is magic! I find myself pushing harder because it wants to climb and hitting rocks and roots at speed is easy.

    How much do I love it? I am taking it home tonight and going for another test ride in the morning! I'll return the bike in the morning after another ride. :D

    Cost: $4700
    Weight: 26lb
    Frame material: carbon
    My opinion: Five stars. I honestly cannot think of any way to improve this bike. My head is spinning and my body is humming. I can't wait for the morning.

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    Nice review thanks.. C

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