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Thread: Hamilton Creek questions

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    Hamilton Creek questions

    have not rode ham creek since 08 when I was traveling here for work. now I am back again and have rode there twice in the last month and there are always sketchy cars driving around at the two trail head parking areas and the boat launch. seems like drug deals going down. as I rode I see some of the same cars from parking area to parking area. any one know where there is a safer location to park? I worry about my car getting broken into while I am riding.

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    There are a lot of different people who use the park, for different reasons. Park by the Playground/ Trail Map on the Lakeside, the playground usually keeps the weirdos away. I have have never had a problem in the 11 years I have been riding out there.

    Though sometimes on the Ned Shelton side there are dudes over there creepin, looking to have some butsects with each other. Anytime you see the cars that are backed in over there, they are looking to hook up. I definitely came out of fiddleback last summer and got the joy of witnessing a dude getting serviced on the hood of his car. Both I and they all left the area very quickly. There are some things in life that you just can't unsee
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    we've taken to referring to "fiddleback" as "brokeback" instead.

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    Don't let the Fanny Lancers deter you from enjoying YOUR trail. If you seeing them trying to Lance Fannies, call the Po.

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    I've only ridden there once and I experienced the same thing - not sure which parking lot it was. It was not the one where I parked, by the lake. I rode out of the woods, and into a parking lot. There were suspicious looking men sitting in their vehicles in the parking lot. And then when I rode through the parking lot and continued into the next section of trail, there were 2 men in the woods on the trail who were obviously "up to no good". They had either just finished some homo activity or were about to begin some.

    It's the same situation at the Rockland Recreation Area up on Old Hickory Lake in Hendersonville. I used to run there and would see men cruising the back parking lot, back and forth. Men sitting in cars, etc.

    I am from Memphis, and had never seen this kind of activity happen there so blatantly. Every once in a while I'd read in the paper about some homo being busted for indecent exposure at a public park restroom, and that was it. They actually do sting operations to catch them in Memphis.

    Sounds like Metro-Nashville PD needs to get on the ball and start prosecuting these sickos for this lewd behavior.
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