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Thread: Newbie wants a trainer but has many questions

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    Question Newbie wants a trainer but has many questions

    Before I begin, please forgive me for my lack of knowledge or lingo but I'm trying to learn. I bought a 29er about 3 weeks ago and have not yet gotten to ride it because of rain, cold, being dark or all 3. So I learned I could get a trainer and ride inside during the winter which sounds great but I have a ton of questions. I hear it's best to get a slick rear tire just for the trainer but does this mean a full new wheel (rim, tire, gears..the whole 9) or just the tire? If it's just the tire, won't I also need a new inner tube? I keep reading stories of the tubes busting under the slick's pressure and this is all very confusing. What size tire would I look for with a 29x2 rim? If someone can shed some light, I would be very appreciative.


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    I don't know much about trainers but did ride rollers back in the day (I have just gotten back into riding after about 10 years off so I don't know much)

    I rode my rollers in the garage with my knobby tires and had no issues. I would guess you could ride a trainer with knobby tires too, they are just a little louder.

    I would go/call ask the guys at Gran Fondo Trail or Moab Cycles. Both of those places have been super friendly and informative for me and my wife.

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    You definitely want a slick. For your sanity (noisy!) and the fact that a trainer will wear your tire in a hurry. The easiest way to do it is just to switch out to a slick tire unless you are running tubeless tires on your 29'er. That's a whole different story and a pain to swap out just for riding the trainer. A separate trainer wheel would be nice but expensive.

    You could put a wheel on from a road bike with an old tire if you have one. But I assume you don't because in that case you could just throw the road bike on the trainer and be done with it.

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    Road wheel will not work on a mountain frame, the spacing is different.

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