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Thread: Hello from Smyrna

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    Hello from Smyrna

    Hello, folks. I'm joining you from Smyrna. Very much a newb, but I'm interested in learning more about the sport. I've already browsed the forum enough to know that there is a dearth of trails in Rutherford County.

    Right now, I'm working on fixing up an old bike that was left in my yard one day in college. Nobody ever came for it, so I "adopted" it. I haven't used it for much besides riding about a mile or so to my grandparents' house on pretty days. Some parts of it seem to be in better shape than others, but I hope to have it in good enough shape to try out some trails soon. I'm trying to get it into shape rather than buying a new bike outright so that I can (a) make sure that I enjoy the sport before dropping several hundred (or more) bucks and (b) actually get an idea of what sorts of features would be important to me in a bike. As a newb, I welcome and appreciated tips and advice (and I should hope to remain that way even as I advance!)

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    Hello Smyrna - Cane Ridge trail is close for you and a great beginner trail. Very little is even close to technical but can get pretty fast. Take the OHB SR 171 exit and head west. OHB will turn into Burkett Rd if you stay straight. Cane Ridge Park is just about a mile or so down on the left. There are no signs to take you to the MTB Trail Head. Follow the signs to the Model Plane Airfield and it's just before you get there on the right. Just make sure to NOT back into your parking place unless you are looking to hook up, if you know what I mean.

    As for an older bike - what model is it? Make sure to oil the chain. If it doesn't shift well, could be rusted cables. And run about 32 to 35 pounds of air pressure. Get a spare tube, some tire leavers, and a pump. I carry a patch kit, multi tool, and CO2 air up kit in my Camelbak.

    Safety, HELMET required. The 35$ to 45$ helmets at a bike shop are comfortable and safe. Avoid a cheapy at Wallyworld. Thin riding gloves and safety glasses are a good idea too. A brier to the eye at 10 mph will ruin your day. Gloves will keep sweaty hands on the grips and protect you hands when you wreck - and you will wreck - all of us do.

    Have fun and welcome to the addiction!

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    Thanks Steve.

    It's a specialized hard rock comp. No clue what year. I came by it in 2010, so some vintage earlier than that. 16" frame if I remember correctly, 26" wheels.

    You are spot on about the cables - all of them were rusted and frayed and had brittle, splitting housings....and are now all replaced. Unfortunately, it looks like I may have gotten the wrong shift cables as the cable heads have slipped out of the shifters. Oh well, live and learn! New cables should be in this week (if not today). New brake cables/housings are doing well though. Tires had good tread (and somewhat surprisingly were not dry-rotted). Tubes seem to leak a bit of pressure over time, but from what I've been able to find, that seems to be the norm? I need to investigate the chain a bit. Every few strokes, it feels like it is slipping or missing the cogs on the gear. I only looked at it briefly, but it seemed to be associated with a particular link that looked "off". Maybe it's bent or stuck somehow? Maybe replace the chain all together? I've been busy the past several days and haven't gotten a chance to get back to it.

    I'll check out Cane Ridge once I've got the chain and shift cables worked out. I know Cane Ridge fairly well (or I used to, anyways), but I haven't been in a few years. I guess it has developed a 'reputation'?

    Anyways, thanks for the tips. Hopefully I'll find some free time and get things moving!

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