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Thread: Great shop experiences.

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    Great shop experiences.

    I don't want to sell anyone short, because I've had some great experiences with folks in other shops helping me out, but I got to rep the heck out of Riverside in Clarksville. They're closest to me, and they sell some good quality, accessible stuff. But being able to buy a bike with a good warranty doesn't mean anything if get a bunch of static from your shop.

    I was dusting off my Anthem 29er yesterday after a couple trips around Lock 4 the day before. I noticed a crack in the frame, and took a picture of it, sent it to one of the mechanics. Carried the bike in today, and they confirmed it's a crack. I got a text from the mechanic this afternoon that a new frame will ship out tomorrow at the latest for me, no fuss, no muss.

    These guys have really stood up and helped out every time someone has had a problem with something they bought up there as far as I know, and this is the second time they've handled a frame warranty for me. I couldn't be happier. If you think good service is dead, and gave up on everyone else, give these guys a try. I seriously can't say enough good about them.

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    I broke an 07 Trance alum. frame a year and a half ago. Got a carbon replacement in about 3 weeks. Anybody need a sweet large carbon 26er frame?


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