What is the best way to find out what is going on?

There has been all of the chatter on Facebook about the blowing of the leaves at Monty Bell park this week. Then I saw the post on Facebook about the trail maintenance day on Dec 11. I just happened to click on the SORBA Mid TN link and visit SORBA Facebook page. I see 2 other events next week. Dec 4 Cane Ridge and Dec 6 SORBA meeting.

None of these 3 events were posted to this Forum.

I remember seeing the Cane Ridge event in my Facebook feed a few weeks ago. But I don't remember seeing the notice about the SORBA meeting. Facebook has a funny algorithms. They don't always show you everything that you are following. Things get lost in the feed.

I don't want to be negative at all. I guess I just want to point out that maybe events should be posted to both Facebook and this forum.