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Thread: Come ride little known Hope Park trail 15-20min from downtown!!

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    Cool Come ride little known Hope Park trail 15-20min from downtown!!

    Hi all my name is Ben. I'm new to the site and somewhat new to mountain biking. Can't get enough of it though! I am posting to say hi and also to ask if anyone would like company/a guide through Hope Park. I would be more than happy to do that. Hope Park is a church directly across the street from my neighborhood and they have approx. 4-5 miles of single track on the property. Being right across the street I have come to know the trails very well, yet hardly anyone I've talked to in the mtb community has heard of or ridden them. I am on them multiple times a week and have never seen another biker out there despite the crazy amounts of fun this trail is. It is beautiful. I would say the trails are intermediate level. It has lots to offer including a switchback section, small creek crossings, and a few hand built jumps. Also the Harpeth River flows directly adjacent to parts of the trail.

    I am offering to guide bikers through for 3 reasons. Reason 1) I want to meet other bikers in the area through the activity we love. Reason 2) The trails are mostly unused. If you haven't been acquanted with Hope Park, odds are you will occasionally fall off the trail and maybe lose it entirely (took me 3 tries on 3 different days to find the trail again across a certain clearing). Reason 3) Hope Park was recently purchased by the state and will soon be converted into a school. This means the future of these trails are questionable. Let's ride them while we can!

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