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    Question New from Smyrna

    Hi all! I am interested in trying mountain biking. Have some questions.

    I'm in Smyrna and Cane Ridge one seems close. Is this a good one for a complete beginner?
    Saw a post about one opening in Murfreesboro, but nothing more, guess it's not complete yet?

    I'd like to try this out with my son, who is 3, and currently rides a balance bike. Is it a good beginner trail for him? He has done BMX track a bit, and our weekly green way trails, but not much off road. Or does he need pedals to go offroad?

    Also I have two bikes, not sure if either are really 'mountain bikes' or if it matters much for starting out. I'd rather not spend a lot of money on this sport if we do not end up digging it.
    here are the two bikes

    One is old green that I've had for 20 years and bought it used from a friend. Other is new Calico I think from Diamondback. either one good for some test runs on a beginner trail?

    thanks all!!


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    Hi Melanie, welcome! I'll try to address your questions in order here...

    Cain Ridge is a GREAT trail for beginners. Start with the first loop, what they call phase 1, and work your way up through the loops as you get more comfortable. There's a good map there at the trailhead, and the whole thing isn't finished yet, but it's open and ridable. It is one of the two trails in Nashville where Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day is typically held.

    The Murfreesboro trail (Barfield Crescent) has not been started yet. There is logistical and political red tape to be dealt with. Also, when it's open, I don't think it will be an ideal place for beginners, but it will certainly be a fun place to work up to.

    Yes! Cain Ridge is an acceptable place for kids on balance bikes. Be aware there may be sections that are steep enough to make both of you nervous on the first loop, but they are short, and there is absolutely no shame in walking those sections until you're comfortable riding them. No need to have pedals to go off road. Lots of kids get a great start on the trails on balance bikes.

    Neither one of those bikes is a great hard core trail bike, but either of them should work just fine for mild pedaling around Cain Ridge provided they are in good working order. You may want to choose one to get a little more aggressive tire put on - so you have one for the greenway and one for off road, but if you decide trails are really something you want to explore, a real mountain bike will make the experience even more enjoyable. Either way, those bikes should both function as is to follow your son around the trail on his balance bike.

    Have fun, enjoy, and feel free to ask more questions. See you on the trails!!

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