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Thread: Pigeon Forge area trails

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    Pigeon Forge area trails

    We're going to get a cabin in October near Pigeon Forge - any trail recommendations in "the area".

    Panther Creek SP is about 30 miles away and I've heard its good. Anyone been there? Looks like around 7 miles or so and around 300 ft vertical extent - similar to Haw Ridge?

    We might head over to DuPont or Tsali or Bent Creek - these look like 1.6 to 2.5 hrs away. These are a little bit far away, but closer than from here.

    I hope that there is something closer though.

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    I'm not aware of any trails in the Smokies that are any closer to Pigeon Forge. In fact, I last heard that it is not legal to ride on any of the trails of the park. You could contact the Bike Zoo or Cedar Bluff Cycles in Knoxville and they should be able to give you some info.

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    Riding around Pigeon Forge

    There is no MTB in the smokeys. all trails are close to bikes. closest good riding to Pigeon forge is Panther Creek. there are probalby about 10 to 15 miles of trail there. Some single track and soem double track. some trails are in a large field, but they have redone one of the more technical loops and included some bridges and ride arounds.

    Haw ridge would be the next closest or IC King park in Knoxville. Haw ridge is best riding around the town and usually has quite a few riders on the trails. One can get lost in the ridge if not familar with the trails. There is a lot more climbing at the ridge than Panther Creek.

    IC king is on hwy 129 between alcoa and Knoxville. this trail consist of several single track loops and it a favorite of the Bike Zoo crowd. Beware of the suspicous person walking in the woods. there are alot of older gents looking for soem loving. Once on the trails though they are seldom seen.

    Tsali and dupont are a good 2 hours from Pigeon forge but everything takes 2 hours in pigeon forge due to the traffic. good luck with your riding adventure.

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