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Thread: Issues writing messages! Can anyone Help?!?!

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    Finally back on the east coast in Raleigh, NC; but I claim, and I'm always throwing down in Cleveland,TN.
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    Issues writing messages! Can anyone Help?!?!

    Can anyone help me?!?! Anytime I try to post a visitor message, quick reply, and stuff like that I get a error message. It says- (The following errors occurred with your submission
    You do not have permission to perform this action. Please refresh the page and login before trying again.) I am logged in so i dont know what the issue is! Can anyone help???
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    Hey Josh,

    I don't know how to help with that one but you might try to PM Reed (Reedly) and see what he can do about it. His wife is having a baby this week so he may take a little while to get you fixed up.
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    Which browser are you using? I sometimes have issues with Firefox on this site for some reason and usually use IE to get around it.
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