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Thread: What are typical times for a lap?

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    What are typical times for a lap?

    I have not ridden this course before. In the race, assuming not muddy conditions, what would you expect the 4-man amature teams to run a lap in? Trying to see how many laps each person would do if did the 4-man team? Thanks.
    --Bob S.
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    Bob I am not by any means a fast rider so let me give you some of my lap times..

    Dry - I had times that averaged from 1:08 - 1:28

    Wet (or Mud we had last year) from 1:15 - 1:47

    My guess would be that an average rider in pretty good shape on dry would run somewhere south of 1:30 a lot of people get real close to that 1 hour mark... it is possible

    Hope this gives you a range many others on here faster than I was...


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    I only have last year to use as a guide.

    Everyone on our 4man team did 2 laps each and then I believe 1 man did 3 laps. I'd say that if there wasn't mud on the first two laps last year, that 3 of the 4 guys would ride 3 laps, and the 4th guy would only ride 2.
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    Bob, at most I would guess a 4 person team of mid-Sport level riders would make 10 laps if they were really pushing it and all in good racing condition at the time. I would realistically figure on 8 or 9 total. This would be in dry conditions.

    Our teams best lap was a 1:02 I think. The worst was around 1:30 or so.
    Kelly Benward

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    Like Chris said expect between an hour and a hour and a half.

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    The results are still up from last year. I believe the lap times are included.


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